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Baseball Boat - Potomac Riverboat Co.
The Baseball Boat normally operates aboard the Miss Christin. However PRC reserves the right to change boats at anytime for scheduling purposes.
Photo courtesy of Frasier Photography.

Baseball Boat to the Washington Nationals Game!

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Cruise Highlights:

Skip the traffic and ride our baseball boat to a game at the Washington Nationals Stadium, located in Southeast Washington D.C.


FREE Parking Pass with On-Line Ticket Purchase!

Space is limited at each location. For redemption present hard copy of pass to Lot Manager. Parking Pass attached in baseball boat ticket confirmation.

Pass valid ONLY at the following lots:

Port of Alexandria 210 The Strand
Alexandria, Virginia
*Pass Valid anytime space is available

HB Parking
300 North Lee Street
Alexandria , VA
*Pass Valid Only After 5PM Monday – Friday and anytime on weekends.

Round-Trip Cruise Fare Information
Departing From Price
Alexandria $25
National Harbor $30
One-Way Cruise Fare Information
To Price
Alexandria $15
National Harbor $20
*Please note - One-way tickets from the National’s Stadium to Alexandria or National Harbor are purchased at the Baseball Boat.

2014 Schedule - Click Here!



Jason Aldean Concert – July 25th
Billy Joel Concert – July 26th
One Direction Concert – August 11th

Click here for tickets!

Note: Boats will depart 20 minutes after the final pitch.
Game Date Cruise Departure Time Opponent
3/29/2014 1PM Tigers
4/4/2014 11AM, 11:15AM Braves
4/5/2014 6PM Braves
4/6/2014 12:30PM Braves
4/8/2014 6PM Marlins
4/9/2014 6PM Marlins
4/10/2014 3PM Marlins
4/17/2014 6PM Cardinals
4/18/2014 6PM Cardinals
4/19/2014 12:15PM Cardinals
4/20/2014 12:30PM Cardinals
4/21/2014 6PM Angels
4/22/2014 6PM Angels
4/23/2014 6PM Angels
4/24/2014 6PM Padres
4/25/2014 6PM Padres
4/26/2014 12:15PM Padres
4/27/2014 12:30PM Padres
5/5/2014 6PM Dodgers
5/6/2014 6PM Dodgers
5/7/2014 12PM Dodgers
5/16/2014 6PM Mets
5/17/2014 3PM Mets
5/18/2014 12:30PM Mets
5/19/2014 6PM Reds
5/20/2014 6PM Reds
5/21/2014 3PM Reds
5/27/2014 6PM Marlins
5/30/2014 6PM Rangers
6/3/2014 6PM Phillies
6/4/2014 6PM Phillies
6/17/2014 6PM Astros
6/18/2014 6PM Astros
6/19/2014 6PM Braves
6/20/2014 6PM Braves
6/21/2014 6PM Braves
6/30/2014 6PM Rockies
7/1/2014 6PM Rockies
7/2/2014 5PM Rockies
7/7/2014 6PM Orioles
7/8/2014 6PM Orioles
7/18/2014 6PM Brewers
7/19/2014 6PM Brewers
7/26/2014 7PM Billy Joel
7/31/2014 6PM Phillies
8/1/2014 6PM Phillies
8/2/2014 6PM Phillies
8/5/2014 6PM Mets
8/6/2014 6PM Mets
8/7/2014 11:30AM Mets
8/15/2014 6PM Pirates
8/16/2014 6PM Pirates
8/18/2014 6PM D-backs
8/19/2014 6PM D-backs
8/20/2014 6PM D-backs
8/21/2014 3PM D-backs
8/22/2014 6PM Giants
9/5/2014 6PM Phillies
9/8/2014 6PM Braves
9/9/2014 6PM Braves
9/10/2014 3PM Braves
9/23/2014 6PM Mets
9/24/2014 6PM Mets
9/25/2014 6PM Mets
9/26/2014 6PM Marlins

Note: Due to limited seating on the boat, one-way tickets after the game, departing the stadium and heading back to Alexandria/National Harbor/Gaylord, are available on a case by case basis. We cannot guarantee having seats available on one way passage after game returning home.

Cruise ticket does not include admission into the game. Please contact the Washington Nationals directly for more information on game tickets.

Boat will depart from the game 20-minutes after the last pitch.

Length of Cruise: Cruise time is roughly 30 to 35 minutes!

Departure Location: Alexandria , Virginia.

Guests departing from the National Harbor or Gaylord hotel will ride the PRC Water Taxi to Alexandria , VA to catch the departing Baseball Boat.

Baseball Boat Partners:


Bugsy's Restaurant   Overwood Kitchen    

Union Street Pub
   Old Town Fish Market


Chadwick's Restaurant